My no buy isn't working out. I got some unexpected money & spent quite a bit after my friend passed. Emotional buying....yikes! I am feeling buyer's remorse as all these packages keep coming everyday.

I found some great deals for $10 & thought I would share. I apologize in advance if I am screwing up anyones no buy!

Nars - Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Toundra - $10 @ sephora. I have this. Its a gorgeous metallic burgundy color. How often can you get nars for $10?

Smashbox - Master Class Eyeshadow Quad. This one is for brown eyes - $10 @ sephora (online only)

Same thing but for hazel eyes. Also $10 @ sephora (online only)

Laura Geller - Real Deal Blush Stick in Spice (pictured) or Real - $10 @ ulta (online only). I'm tempted to get the spice one but I have 6 blushes I haven't even opened & another on the way.

Cargo Lipgloss - on sale for $9.50, regular price $14 @ ulta. They have 16 different colors online.

Photos from Sephora & Ulta


Cassandra Henri said...
July 21, 2012 at 6:26 PM

Sometimes I buy things online JUST so I can get them in the mail. I would be pretty excited to receive these packages!

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