Latourell Falls

Photos by Jeff Scooler

My knee has been injured most of the summer so I haven't been posting much. Finally, its getting better. Last Sunday, we went to Latourelle Falls which is in the Columbia River Gorge. It is quite beautiful there with a very short trail to the fall. Not quite as beautiful as Multnomah Falls but much less touristy. 

I have been working on my fall line. I'm making pieces with rich browns, dark oranges, velvety purples and golden yellows. Several pieces will be made with 14 KT gold fill and vermeil. Here is one of my newest. It is made with warm orange red fossilized coral and hammered 14KT gold filled chain. Vermeil Clasp. I was fascinated to learn that fossil coral is mined in Indonesia from pits and trenches dug in the jungle and along stream beds that was under water billions of years ago. Reefal Limestones are fossil remains of coral reefs. The calcium is leached out of the limestone and replaced as silica. This process is referred to as silification. The result of the silification is the creation of fossil coral. 


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