Goodies - June

My very last Goodies Box.

Not bad but I can find pringles & lays on my own.

Lays - Stax Chips in Adobadas 
Pringles - Stix in Cheese
Smooch Snacks - Apple, Raspberry & Peach Fruit Snack
Duchy Originals - Shortbread Cookies
Gimme - Cheddar Cheese Seaweed Snacks
Dream Water - nighTEA Night 

I loved my Goodies sub at first - great sizes, brands/products I had never heard of. As time went on, the boxes got smaller & smaller (this one is a great size though!) and the brands & products weren't special or unique. 


Erica D said...
June 27, 2013 at 8:35 PM

I seriously want a snack now!

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