StarLooks StarBox - May

My favorite time of the month - starlooks time! I am loving the May box!

May's Goodies
Eyebrow Shader Compact Retails $21
Pigment in Cinnamon Toss $17
Cream Blush in Emphasize $17
Bonus - Mini Nail File

Eyebrow Shader Compact

Elated to find this in my box! I've been looking for something like this but I can never find black. Yay! I'm really looking forward to trying this.

When I first laid eyes on this, my heart sank. Brown blush?!? What the hell am I going to do w/ that? I tried it on anyway. It has just the slightest hint of red which looks just like a slight flush. It's sheer and natural looking. 

Cinnamon Toss Pigment & Emphasize Cream Blush

Pigment in Cinnamon Toss! It's a gorgeous color glittery neutral color.

As always, awesome box! For only 15 a month (plus ship $2.68), you get 3 - 4 full size makeup items.
You can sign up for Star Looks here. I will be so grateful if you mention Souly Stones as the blog who referred you.


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