Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day though we celebrate earth day everyday. We try to be as green as possible. Even my 4 year old knows about pollution and he turns off lights when not is use, he turns off the water when he brushes his teeth, recycles paper, washes out his yogurt containers and recycles that too. My family lives green by using/doing the following:
  • Wind power electricity
  • Recycle all paper, glass, plastic, plastic bags, cans
  • Low flow heads on all sinks and showers
  • Eco, phosphate free dishwasher detergent
  • Limit driving and combine trips
  • Flush only when necessary
  • All light bulbs are CFL
  • All appliances are energy star
  • Limit electricity use
  • Recycled paper towels and napkins
  • Turn off water when brushing
  • Recycle yard debris
  • Cut up our christmas tree and use for fire wood
  • Natural makeup, soap, body scrub, lip balm, lotion
My hubby and I regulary discuss other ways to be more green, we are planning on taking the following steps:
  • Green laundy detergent - I found several sellers on etsy and can even get it scented coconut!
  • Green gardening - We do some now but I want to switch to all green products
  • Hybrid car
  • Green cleansers - there are some new products on the market I want to try
  • Compost
I just haven't been able to use the recycled toilet paper, it feels like sand paper! I hope they can find a way to make it softer. I would love to have a house built with all green products and have all our energy, solar powered.

Here is one of my newest pieces. It has a angel aura druzy pendant. There are faceted mystic quartz crystal nuggets, rainbow moonstone and faceted mystic smokeyquartz. The clasp is rainbow moonstone and all metal is sterling silver. It is available for sale at my etsy shop.


Anonymous said...
May 1, 2008 at 7:58 PM

Love your green self! I only use vinegar, baking soda and other simple cleaners. Great post!

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