Bzz Agent - Good Vibes - Green Mountain Coffee

I've heard about fair trade but never took the time to learn what it really is. I never knew it helped build new schools, roads, health clinics and safer drinking water.

Green Mountain Coffee is the world leader when it comes to purchasing fair trade coffee. This helps farmers get fair prices, improves working conditions & helps protect the environment.

Green Mountain Coffee has one of the largest fair trade selections. They generously gave me 4 flavors to try - Vermont Country Blend, Colombian Fair Trade Select, Extra Bold Sumatran Reserve, and Wild Mountain Blueberry. They are all good but my very favorite is the extra bold Sumatran Reserve. This baby wakes you up!

You can easily find Green Mountain Coffee at Target & Walmart. I found caramel vanilla cream at my local Freddie's (Kroger). Yummy!

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